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Klik/nanoklik - 1 second

Breem – 2 minutes

Joor – 1 hour

Orn – 3 days

Groon – 2 months

Vorn – 2 years

Sire- Father

Carrier- Mother

Abba- Adopted parent

sorry for being sooo late on updateing i feel really bad -_-' forgive me its been a hectic few months
Chapter Text

      Tayah sighed as her equine form shivered in the cold weather of midday of early December. Ravage was laying at her front hooves as she watched over him. It has been two months since she had left the Decepticons; two months since she had last saw wave and her adopted family. Her grey and blue metallic body reflected the light of the sun above them; she let her silver eyes wonder downward to her sleeping charge. To humans she looked like a normal mare but if they got closer they would see the lines of scars and transformation seams on her frame. The humans were fun to watch from a distance, they scurried around like little creatures that they are. Her shadow purred softly as it ripped itself away from the tree and formed a small dragon in stature, it was dark as night with golden eyes. "Valcon, what might I do for you?" she asks as she turns her soft expression to the living shadow. "You are musing again ma dearest hunter." He purred out in his deep baritone voice; his gold eyes not leaving her silver jewels. He moves swiftly and wraps himself around her darkening her coat greatly. "Theses insects are pitiful at best, fodder really." He rolls his eyes in exasperation "if only we could kill them we would, wouldn't we?" he nudges the side of her elongated face. Tayah could not deny that statement if she wanted to; as he pulls back to being her shadow he purrs in her mind.

      They are one being; ever since she was born they had been one being. Two Dovah's in one single frame, making her deadly, fast, dangerous, most of all powerful then the current prime himself.  Valcon or the Evil one as others would say he was the first dovah to have existed; he was Primus's right hand man in the war against unicron. Only six have existed since that battle; only when the race is in dire need of some extra force and fire power will one be created for that. She was a special case though; born out of two mech's raised by the enemy she was hardened and cold. She had mastered her powers at the battle of Vos when some autobot seekers attacked her platoon. She roared like nothing cybertron had heard since the time of primus the creator started her race; shaking the ground violently, her silver eyes darkening to almost black. Her armor became sharp and pointed; sharp animalistic wings rose from her back; her clawed fingers sharpened to a point that could easily rip through the metal and into a spark like softened butter.  

     Tayah sighed as she leaned down to nudge her charge awake. Tired amber eyes looked up into her silver ones. "Little one." She said softly to Ravage before continuing "I cannot care for you like this. Let the other's find you and take you back." she said as she watched him fall back asleep hoping that he had heard her. She stepped back and turned swiftly; she galloped off not daring to look back at Ravage. Soft underbrush crushed underneath her hooves, trees passed swiftly. She bounds over rocks and fallen trees in her path. She slows to a walk in a clearing panting softly as her tanks rumble for energon. The sun was slowly setting on the horizon; she heard the distinct sound of jets in the distance. She pinned her ears and sank back into the shadows as three seekers landed. "starscream…" she muttered as the white, blue, and red seeker looked around the clearing; seemingly looking for something specific. thundercracker moved closer to her with out knowing, his mostly blue frame with yellow and white pin striping reflected off the sun; the glare was blinding her as she stepped back into the shadows silently. "hey, think I found something star." said the last seeker, a black frame with purple and white pin striping, Skywarp.  he was a neurotic on a good day; he wasn't the brightest bulb in the pack but he knew when and where to pull pranks on the other cons. Thundercracker was cunning and dangerous just like his mates. Yes, mates. He, Warp, and Star have been bonded for years under megatron's nose.

      Tayah sighed silently to herself; she too was a lover to all three of them and didn't have the bolts to tell them on the Nemesis. She transformed into her bi pedal mode. She was shorter than prime by a head. She had her sires optics and glare but she mostly took after her carrier Optimus.  Actually she almost looked like a female version of him with a few hints of ratchet here and there on her frame. She had to; she had to tell them why she  left so suddenly. She stepped out of the shadows "thunder." She said softly like any lover would making thundercracker jump in surprise. "tay?" he said before reaching out to her and taking her face in his hand. She closed her eyes softly before she was grabbed in a crushing hold by Skywarp. Star stayed back watching them interact with eachother. She turned to star with lowered optics. "star," she started to say but he didn't want to hear it. "it's been eight months tayah. I don't want to hear any of your excuses." He replied coldly shocking his mates before looking at her with very harsh optics.  She flinched back before snarling back at him. "really now? Then let me give you the short version then. Megatron wants my head. I left to save my life and my unborn sparklings life as well. Which by the way is yours." She half growled out before leaving all the seekers dazed and confused. They didn't even have time to react as she sunk back into the shadows leaving them.

     Sleep did not come quick for her, memories of old merges and loving embraces kept running through her mind. she did not realize that tomarrow would bring someing unexpected to the table.
sorry it took so long to update this series forgive me -_-' i have been rping with my bestie :iconstarscreambumblebee: so this has fueled me to start this. lets see how long this will last. its a pretty subdude chapter.
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